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TXBobcat":94o9c1k9 said:
Bitterweed":94o9c1k9 said:
Can anyone explain to me what "bangs" is all about?

Please see link below. It it from the cattletoday diseases section.

One other thing to mention is that cattle who have been bangs vaccinated will have a little metal or plastic clip in their ear with an ID # on it.

sometimes that little metal clip means they've been tested, not vaccinated. the vaccination clips are orange but over time the orange wears off & they appear silver like the test clips.
TheBullLady":29xku9td said:
We don't even use the orange tags anymore.. they just get ripped out of the ears. Our vet just tattos

we do, too, on our registered animals. technically, if an animal does not have a tattoo other than the bangs tattoo, the vet is supposed to put in the clip. some don't if the owner requests they not be used.

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