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I have a heifer born 9/03 I did not get her bangs tag on time and was wondering if their is any way I could still show her, can I get her tested and get a certificate if she if free? Would I be able to show her then? :cry:
That would make the heifer 9 months old. You should still be able to take the calf to the vet and get the OCV / tag in her ear. I believe the exceptable time frame to take heifers in to the vet for their OCV is under 12 months of age.

I'm not sure about the show aspect. Where are you located?
I'm sorry I meant Pepsi's birth date was 9/02, she would be a senior yearling heifer. I live in Oregon, the show is a county fair. I just wondered if I could have her tested and get a certificate? Thak You for replying.
All heifers that are to be bangs vacinated must be under the age of 1 year. Hope it works out still for showing but at least you know now.
Talk to your vet. He/she is the one that will have to vaccinate or blood test.

In Oregon the cut off is 10 months. I velieve your Vet can administer an adult vaccine but, the animal will still be restricted to that state.

eric":3869846y said:
Is there an optimum age to get bangs vaccinated? My calves are now 6 mos anytime between now and the next 4-5 mos is o k ?

anywhere from 5-9 mos is probably best. we do ours at weaning (7 mos) because it's convenient.

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