Banded Birds

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ga. prime

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Aug 30, 2004
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So. Cent. Ga.
I just found a banded pigeon laying in the yard an hour ago, breast eaten out. Hawk was the killer in my estimation. There's no phone number on the band, just an alpha numeric code. I'd like to report this to the owner as well as learn the history of this bird to satisfy my own curiosity. Any Suggestions?
Good link, Jeff. Found out the bird belongs to someone in the Jacksonville, Fla. Racing/Homing pigeon club. I sent them an e-mail to let them know one of their pigeons won't be making the return to Jax.. Waiting to hear back.
mnmtranching":2dcefyie said:
Wonder what the point is banding a pigeon. Let us know if you find out.

They have a permanent band attached at birth. It used to be just Aluminium but now they have a bar code on them. In the old days(15 to 20 yrs ago) They would have a latex band attached to the other leg and it would be removed upon arrival, and dropped into a slot in a special clock which recorded the arrival time. Now they have a bar code reader attached to the entry traps on the pigeon loft and when the bird arrives it gets scanned and then the results are downloaded into a computer which computes the birds speed in Yards per minute. The bird that flys the fasted for the race course wins.

It's a great sport and a lot of fun for the family as you do it from home. I raced birds for 12 years and would do it again if I had anyone to fly against here. Believe it or not people world wide will pay as much as $100,00 for one pigeon for breeding stock for racing.
No, the e-mail came back as undeliverable. Here's the number on the band if you don't mind trying:
AU JAX 7160.

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