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May 30, 2004
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Victoria, Australia
A young girl sat crying on the jetty looking out over the english channel towards france.
A pidgeon flying by heard the girls sobs and landed by her side to see if he could help her out.
Between her tears she explained that all her life all she had wanted to do was go to france and study to be a great ballerina.
Her family was so poor that there was no hope of her ever getting to france to fullfil her dream.
The pidgeon was so deeply affected that he vowed that he would do all within his power to get her to france.
To this end he rallied all of his fellow pidgeons and they set to work building a raft of twigs and branches.
To the front of the raft they attached lengths of string and on completion they began to pull the girl across the channel toward france.
Not far from shore the raft was hit by a wave and capsized.
The pidgeons tried in vain to save the girl ,but allas she drowned.
The moral of this story is-You will never be a ballerina if you are pidgeon towed. :D

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