Baler Belt Wrapped on lower Roller

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Dec 4, 2018
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I made a mistake and got a belt wrapped on the lower roller (plugged on some thick material). John Deere 468 baler. Anyone have any tricks to try to unwrap it? Or is this a cut and splice situation? The only other time I had this happen it was a cut and splice situation but this plug isn't quite as bad (actually it was a replace the belt situation).
Thanks for any advice!
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Chain and come along. Excessive cursing helps along with prayer. He forgives in moments of despair.

There are tools that I reach for and there are tools I tend to forget -- the come along is one I really should think of more -- my dad used a come along almost as much as his pliers :) -- thanks for that suggestion!
I am serious about the chain and come along. Open door so belts are slack, find a spot on belt to pull, tie off to tractor or hitch. A picture would help. Once or twice annual occurrence here.
Are there flats on the end of the roller shaft that you can get a large wrench on and back-drive the roller by hand?

That's what I was going to suggest. Occasionally in very wet crops ours will wrap a roller and cause a belt to ride over and climb on top of another. Turning it backwards will get it straightened out.
You baling again?
The come-along wouldn't quite work given the angles but that suggestion made me realize that an old engine lift might work really well. And it did. At least I haven't had to cut and splice the belt yet. I haven't had a chance to go finish the 150 yards of windrow I had left -- hoping I can tonight if it doesn't rain.

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