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Is it better to breed an angus bull to hereford cows or a hereford bull to angus cows? Everybody keeps singing the praises of baldies at the sale barn.
We see the same results at the sale barn in our area with baldies. Our preference is always Brangus or Angus bulls on Hereford cows. Be sure to get a calving ease bull for first time heifers if possible.
We have both and don't really see much difference in the calves. If I had to make a choice, I would go with the Hereford cow. In our experience, they are usually a little easier to work with.

Ed Hug

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I would go with angus bull and hereford cows.Herefords head can be large when they are babies and a angus cow might have calving problems with a large headed calf.If you have mature cows they shouldnt have a problem calving

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