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I'm not getting a response on the other board so here's my question. Tuesday we had a cow calve,it was about dusk so i did'nt notice anything odd. But the next morning I noticed that the calfs legs mostly on the inside were bald most of the way down. Any thoughts what could have caused this? Would love a reply.

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I have been thinking about your bald baby, trying, with my limited expertise in cattle to decide what it could possibly be... An article suggested that a cow could calve ten days before or ten days after her expected due date. There is no saying that a cow couldn't give birth to a premature calf, just as people give birth to premature babies... I would look in a vet manual to see what to expect in different stages of gestation to see when the hair comes on the fetus. You might just have had a premie...and a vigourous one at that?

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Thanks for responding, I don't think she was a preemie though, she was one of our biggest calves. She seems to be getting some fuzz over her skin now, so hopefully it will grow in, and I won't have a "hairless wonder".

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