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One of our cows calved last night about dusk, i didn't notice anything till this morning, the calfs legs on the insides are bald. Otherwise she's healthy, running around, eating well. What could have caused this?

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If it's healthy, don't worry about it, if it's sick, it could be a genetic defect which is linked to an immune deficiency, esp in Herefords. If it outgrows it, can keep for breeding stock, if not, cull it. In other words, there are too many things which could cause it to give a specific diagnosis, if you're worried, ask your vet!
Vicky Vet "Thank You"so much for replying, calf is very healthy and active, also she is hereford, I just never remember having any of these cow problems growing up, wondered if i was doing something wrong, again thank you.

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