bad bull..or bad cows??

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Sep 4, 2006
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myakka city fl
2 cows 4 mos late..ones got a bad bout the right time but then hasnt calfed..she shouldve calfed on may...the one next to calf shouldve calfed in jun..not showin any signs.
lost 3 calfs last yr..i only got 6 cows...1 stillborn and 2 died a few days after birth for no apparent reason.
bull has some good calfs...

what is it i need to tell the vet when i call check my bull for fertility or thinkin the bull is bad.

i cannot figure out why the cows bag has been full for 4 mos and she aint calfed....only the front qtrs really tho..shes big and looks to be ready any day but has for about 2 of the 4 mos shes late..

help me out here to figure out my situation cuz ive got no money for a bull and im not getting any calfs to make any money....

i might be goin with angus bull or charlios..any thoughts on that
Did you have the cows preg checked eairlier(before now). From the problems you've had I would tend to think more of a cow problem ot maybe somehting environmental that's causing the problems
dun":7npvae45 said:
Did you have the cows preg checked eairlier(before now). From the problems you've had I would tend to think more of a cow problem ot maybe somehting environmental that's causing the problems

I am afraid I have to agree.
I agree with Dun. Have the vet out, palpate the two that haven't calved, and let the vet run through everything from nutrition to vaccinations. The vet will let you know what they want to do as far as tests are concerned (too bad they weren't involved from the getgo - necropsies on the calves would have been very informative) and you can let them know if you want to persue it or dump the bunch and start over fresh. Weak/stillborn calves shouldn't be a bull problem unless they suspect he's a BVD carrier or has a genetic problem. You could just dump 'em without the vet but then you won't know what went wrong for the next bunch.
dieselbeef":19pa58jy said:
any good news????

Yeah - but you might not like it.

Have the veterinarian out - you need an independant and knowledgeable look at your herd and your environment and maybe your management as well.

Then ..... if they do not pass - or they pass but there is going to be a long recovery time - or there is a mystery .....

Sell them all and get yourself a couple / three proven three ways - bred with calf at foot.

It might be a bit drastic to some - but there is going to be a lot of good animals for sale in the near future.

Use the money straight across.

If you have any cash left over put them on a veterinarian recommended vaccination program.

I think you have a few problems there that come from the cows, possibly their environment, might even be a bad bunch of genetics and maybe - just maybe - the owner as well.

So the list of possibilities is quite long.

You have learned lots - now you can take them - sell them and start fresh.

Take your time and find some dandies.

Two or three sets only.

Stay small and get rid of the off spring - use this cash for infrastructure.

Start up a CIDR program and keep those girls bred.

You will probably end up with fewer animals but you will have better.

Not what you might want to hear, but I think you have the ability - you might just need to wipe that slate clean and start fresh.

Best to you

i have actually considered what yer saying bez..i think i will try the vet route first and get an opinion...i was thinkin also that about a yr ago i started putting out range minerals...i dont have the analysis handy but i will when the vet shows up...its the free choice bag from tractor supply.

i am still a beginner altho ive had quite a few calfs and cows and a few bulls in the last 10 yrs but theres always something new comin along that gets ya wondering what to do..specially when yer talkin bout a major cash outlay like another bull or a startover thing like yer sayin...

.i can almost say they supported themselves til i missed these 2 calfs...i was proud...for a few mos anyways
If your vet is a really good vet just tell him everything that has happened. Thats why he went to school to give you an idea of what all you need to check and what you need to do first. Hopefully he can help you and you will get things in order fast. Best of luck.

Circle H Ranch
thanks..ill be calling him this week...i got some hauling to do anyways so ill have a little cash on hand

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