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Apr 25, 2004
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College Station, Texas
Today i got home from Fort Worth. i was at the Texas FFA Convention all week. i think the convention was really good this year, compared to the past, which seemed pretty boring. the guest speakers were amazing, mostly a man named Dan Miller, a Polio patient who sets a goal, and accomplishes it even though he is paralized through nearly half of his body. he is a hilarious man who has high spirits and can make anyone smile. the FFA rodeo was great, i didnt get in on it but these kids were amazing. each year at the state convention there is a talent show with 10 contestants. i have 2 words to describe those kids. simple amazing. i didnt realize that 15-18 year olds could sound so good. the state officers also put on really funny shows while contestants were getting ready. thats my review of the convention, it was great.

the only place we visited in fort worth was the Stockyards. i dont think the place is anything really special, but the Cattlemens Steakhouse and Billy Bobs were great. i wanted to stay to see Blake Shelton tonight, but couldnt. steakhouse was the most amazing thing ive ever tasted.