Baby calf with worms

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Jan 26, 2007
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SE Okla
I/ve been posting on the calving thread but maybe I need to be here....have a sick calf...have had to tube for 2 days to feed, gave colostrum and a bag of electrolytes for the scours, temp was low...used blankets and heat lamp to get it back up. Went out a few minutes ago to check on it. Still scouring and now has worms evident. Vet is out of town...what do I do from here? this calf is not a week old I am sure. Husband bought him at the sale last Wednesday. He is in the barn and in the next stall is the other I know I have to move the healthy one...right?? I don't want him getting sick...

I am running out of ideas...
More than likely it is flies that have laid eggs on his rear end. Keep him a clean place and clean his behind with peroxide often it will kill the worms and eggs..

Sounds like your guy may have Ecoli .....
Thanks Hillsdown....I cleaned his rear, looks a lot better. He actually got up and tried to butt me. First time he has been up by himself today..
Well that is a good sign ,,I love it too when they fight to stay alive as much as we do to get them healthy .. Good luck I hope he keeps showing improvement...
What color is his feces? If it is white or yellow I would consider giving him an antibiotics for scours such as scours tablets or LA200. I agree with hillsdown on the cleaning. Scours can remove hair it is so acidic. As for worms, if he really has them, read your dewormer label to see if it can be used on a calf that age.

Your working hard ....keep it up.

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