ATV Accident

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Cowboy 2.0

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Jul 16, 2006
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On saturday one of my buddies and his girlfriend had a wreck on his four wheeler. He was taken to the hospital by ambulance and she was taken by a helicopter. If you all would just keep them in their prayers.

Here is the bike:
He got out today and is banged up pretty good but otherwise fine. Last I heard his girlfriend was in critical condition. They were riding down a county road, swerved to miss someone who stopped and hit a concrete culvert in the ditch and flipped it end over end. Helmets were not worn.
thats bad,...9 year old died from head injury last weekend, his grandpaw was driving and hit a rock, throwing the boy onto some rocks......
gosh darn, hang in there.
I've seen some extremely bad accidents and all came out good. Keep your hopes and expectations high even when or if it looks like all is going down hill. Don't give up.
now that was a bad wreck.hope she gets better soon.ive rode 3 an 4 wheelers for ive turned the 3 wheeler over a time or dang near turned the 4 wheeler over a time or i do not wear helments.but its best to never hotrod them.
My prayers go out to her and her family for a speedy recovery, it looks bad looking at the left overs, glad my Son always wears his helmet, seen far to many bad accidents, were kids wont wear one.
Hope & Pray that everything turns out ok for them.

Seems so many people don't expect for anything to happen to them. Looking at the damage to that 4-wheeler, the were probably driving like so many young people I see around here. You know.... 45 - 60 mph on the highway. All it takes is one problem and it's asking for instant death or being maimed. My idea of 4-wheeler riding is about 10 mph.
on the oil road i run my 4 wheeler at 20 i watch what im doing as im usually riding side saddle on the the pasture its 5 to 10 4 wheeler will max out at 55mph.
Last year we went out on a call...
ATV vs. oil field truck, I was working the ER. It caught me by surprise and had a hard time concentrating on the paperwork and radio.
By the time air care arrived at the hospital the teen was already on life support. We did all we could do in the ER and sent him to CCU.
You look at these young adults with their whole life ahead of them and ask God why. Why if this had to happen, why couldn't they have at least had a helmet on. I can't tell you how many times we have berried young kids because of this, unfortunately the first one was one to many.
But I will say this, I have been working now for close to five years in the ER and many more as a volunteer Fire Fighter. I have only berried one kid that had an ATV accident and had a helmet on.
I know these off terrain vehicles are great fun. I just wish more people would think before they ride and... "protect their head."

Hope she is doing better today, please give us an update.
I haven't heard yet. I can honestly say the last time I wore a helmet was when I was four on a bike.
Cowboy you just tore my :heart: apart.
Please think twice before going out there without a helmet. Use this as the starting point and be the one to set the example for everyone else.
People look up to you, I know they do. Stand up, use this as your reason and start a fantastic gift and trend for your family and friends. Don't ever let anyone ride with you unless they have head gear, no matter what. One sad event is seeing your loved one hanging on to life and your o.k.
It happens all the time, the passenger gets hurt and you walk away...........Helmet, HElmet, HELmet, HELMet, HELMEt and please HELMET. Now go have a great time
That is just horrible, and they are both in my prayers! My wifes family lost one of her cousins last week to an ATV accident. He went over the handlebars after hitting a puddle, A PUDDLE, at a high speed. No helmet. Now, no life. He was a young man full of gumption and energy, but is now just a memory, most likely because he didn't have that dang helmet on. I just don't know what else to say other than I hope they both walk away eventually with a hard lesson learned.

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