At what weight do you sell your calves?

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Feb 19, 2013
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SW Virginia
ddd75":16lflf28 said:
i see.

so selling the calves now. buying back heavy bred at 7-9 months pregnant @ 2500/hd. Hope for may calves out of those.. sell calves around Oct. weighing 400 lbs (hopefully) @ 1,000/hd + sell 4-6 month bred cows back for 2,000/hd.

= 12,500.

might make a little more doing it that way but everything would have to be perfect. adding in transportation costs, time, etc.. i think you'd be in about the same boat as just keeping the calves.
I agree if you are buying good bred cows and not planning on keeping them. What I've done is buy old heavy bred cows for about butcher price, calve them out and don't even bother breeding the cows back. In the fall the cows get sold for butcher and the calves are the profit.

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