Asterisk rejects Barry Bonds

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Feb 7, 2006
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East Central Illinois
As baseball fans heatedly debate the merits of Barry Bonds' inevitable ascendance to career home run king, a different controversy surfaced yesterday when the asterisk, the star-like typographical symbol expected by many to appear alongside Bonds' place in the record books to denote the slugger's steroid use, announced that it wanted "no part" of Bonds' record. In the shocking announcement, a visibly testy asterisk said the association with the slugger's tarnished image would sully its "storied reputation" and perhaps impact its ability to find meaningful work in the future.

"I usually try to stay out of controversy, but Barry Bonds is a pompous, narcissistic fool," said the asterisk. "I'm drawing the line. It's time some other punctuation marks start to carry some of this dirty water. In fact, I'll call out the question mark. Why don't we put the very symbol of uncertainty, doubt and improbability alongside Mr. Bonds' skid mark in the record book? WHY IS IT ALWAYS THE ASTERISK?"

The question mark was unavailable for comment. A phone call to its home was answered by the semi-colon, who said the question mark was attending a seminar on the proper use of conjunctive adverbs with the apostrophe and the ellipsis. But the semi-colon offered some insight into the debate.

"Look, the asterisk has a point; we all need to take a good look at this," he said. "I, for one, thought this might be a great opportunity for the ampersand to step up and recover from the Hall & Oates tragedy. But it might just be that the horrid responsibility of having linked the two guys who wrote the song Maneater is too much to overcome."

Update: A representative for the period told our sources that a blockbuster deal with the asterisk was scuttled this morning. Details are sketchy, but the period had offered to assume responsibility for Bonds' record in exchange for being relieved of its responsibility as the shorthand expression for a woman's menstrual cycle. The deal imploded when the National Organization for Women threatened to abandon all punctuation usage entirely if women were forced to say, "Oh crap, I just got my asterisk."
I was saying that Barry Bonds was on steroids in the late 90's. Anyone who called into a radio show was shunned because there was no proof. Then when there was proof, they all said they knew about it. Duh, everyone had been telling them that for years, but they didn't want to believe it.
Bonds started using steroids the year after Mark Maguire hit 70 homers. A predictable reaction I'd say.
Go Braves!
If pitchers were using roids too as reported then I would say the playing field was level. :cboy:
john250":1n1yyjek said:
HOSS":1n1yyjek said:
If pitchers were using roids too as reported then I would say the playing field was level. :cboy:

The pitcher's mound is what, 18" higher than the field?

LOL.....yep and getting higher all the time :lol: