Arsenic in water

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We just moved to a new house. The well test came back with slightly elevated arsenic level. We are using bottled water for people and dogs, probably get a reverse osmosis system for house by spring. Are planning on getting horses next summer. But I am worried about the water in the barn, same well. Do I need to budget for a treatment system for that too?
Arsenic could be harmful. Check with your State animal health agency for information. How deep is your well? Considering the outrageous costs for bottled water, as well as high tech water treatment equipment, I would think that over a 3-5 year amortization period it would be cheaper to dig a DEEPER new well! Here in Texas Panhandle we are getting great water with high volume wells for as shallow as 70 to 100 feet deep. Other parts of Texas may drill 400 to 500 feet and get good, but low volume wells.

Our well drillers around here charge around $18 - 20 a foot, turnkey job (plus pressure tank and equipment, well house).

Just some food for thougt.

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