Arkansas Razorback

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Dec 26, 2003
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the hog was 8 ft long and weighed
over 800 lbs, tusks measured 7 1/2" and were razor sharp.
ollie":1w05qtl3 said:
Where did you kill him?Not exactly of course.

This hog was killed near Cedarville, Arkansas on Taylor Mountain after 3
shots from a 7MM magnum. Cedarville is 5 miles from the
Oklahoma Border and 8 miles north of I-40.

i did not get this hog. :( a friend of mine emailed me this
Sheez. I've seen some narly old rooters before but this takes the cake. We hunt em with dogs for kicks, but I see that thing killing every dog in the kennel with little effort. I notice they are skinnig it. Couldn't possibly be worth eating. Then again maybe some domestic influence is the reason for it's size and it could be edible after all?

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