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Any comments or experiences regarding ARGEL bulls from the Adams Ranch in Florida?
I don't have personal experience with the ARGEL, it is a Gelbveigh composite utilized to ultimately end up with the ABEEF composite. I will say that I have complete trust and faith in the Adam's Ranch organization. The Adam's family and their organization are highly respected and people of great integrity. I buy replacement heifers from them, but I use the ARBRA (Foundation Braford) blood. I could not be more satisfied with my past purchases. First heifers squirt out calves without blinking an eye, put out gobs of milk, mother the calves from the first minute and wean huge well framed and nicely muscled calves. Adam's has never pulled a calf. Their cows and heifers are culled naturally. Either they have a calf or they die trying. This has been the way for so many years that calving problems are literally non existant. The stock they sell is hand selected and they gaurantee your purchase against defects. Find a problem? Take the animal back and receive a new one. Hats off to the Adams Ranch organization.
I have seen the Adams Ranch website and view it many times and I wished they or some other Braford breeders were closer to me. There used to be a Braford breeder near my house until he sold his cattle in order to plant pines and sell housing lots. My friend has a 25 year old Braford cow that is a pet at his home now, but calved every year up until he took her to his home farm last year .

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