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America, Are You Angry Yet?
By Barbara Stock
June 25, 2004

Americans were angry after the atrocities that were carried out by terrorists on September 11, 2001. Americans wanted those responsible to be hunted down and punished. But that was nearly three years ago. How quickly Americans forget.

The dean of the Iraqi Law School and her husband were murdered. She was shot and her husband's throat was slit in their own home. A car bomb went off in Baghdad and a three year old girl was killed along with two other innocent people. Kim Sun-il, a South Korean translator--who publicly pleaded for his life-- was beheaded. Are you angry yet?

Recent polls show that the majority of Americans now feel removing Saddam was "not worth it." It is unimaginable that the majority of Americans would feel leaving 25 million people to be tortured and butchered on a daily basis is acceptable. Terrorists spawned by the same ideology as those who crashed our planes into the World Trade Center buildings and the Pentagon are now raising their ugly heads in Iraq because they want Iraq for themselves as a base of operations to launch attacks against the United States. These animals are killing innocent people on a daily basis in Iraq. These creatures of the dark behead innocent people because they feel Americans are weak and will run in fear. Are you angry yet? You should be. It seems Americans are more apathetic than angry. All this fuss is messing up their 401Ks.

Americans have forgotten the anger. Americans have forgotten how they felt as they watched the Twin Towers come down. Americans have forgotten the horror of that day. Most Americans have already forgotten how angry they were when Nick Berg was beheaded. Nick Berg and Mr. Johnson are old news. Bill Clinton's book is out and he talks about Monica! Now that's important. Kobi Bryant's trial is getting underway. Did that guy in California kill his pregnant wife?

Barely reported was the statement from Russian President Putin that he informed President Bush in 2002 that Saddam had his own plans for attacks on mainland America and our interests around the world. Did anyone hear it? The President of Iraq stated that he has read documents found in the volumes of papers still being translated in Iraq that show without a doubt that Saddam and al Qaeda had an un-holy alliance. Does anyone care? It doesn't seem so.

Al Gore is planning a major speech where he will condemn Bush for "lying" to the American people about the Saddam/al Qaeda connection that Gore claims never existed. This is an interesting statement from a man who was present when Clinton approved the bombing of a pharmaceutical plant in the Sudan because bin Laden--with the aid of Saddam's chemical weapons experts--was making chemical weapons at that very plant. Clinton's National Security Advisor Sandy Berger stated in the Washington Times in 1998: "Other products [besides VX gas] were made at Al Shifa. But we have seen such dual--use plants before -- in Iraq. And, indeed, we have information that Iraq has assisted in chemical- weapons activity in Sudan." Now working in the Kerry camp, both Sandy Berger and Jamie Rubin defended the bombing of that plant by stating that Iraq was assisting al Qaeda make deadly VX gas. Are you angry that Al Gore is lying? Are you angry that no one mentions that fact?

Mohammed al Baradei, chief of the International Atomic Energy Agency, has announced that it is just a matter of time before terrorists get their evil hands on nuclear materials and use them against the West. Mr. al Baradei says the threat is "real and imminent." What is the response of leftists to this threat? It's Bush's fault. Had Bush not removed Saddam, terrorists would not even want nuclear weapons. Apparently, most leftists in America and the world have been in a coma. Bin Laden has been trying to get nuclear material for years. Instead of directing their anger at the terrorists running amok all over the world, they rant on the floor of the Senate against President Bush. Had Bush not been so absorbed with the Iraq War, North Korea wouldn't have gotten nuclear weapons. It matters not that North Korea had them when Bush took the oath of office because of bad deals Bill Clinton made with the lunatic leader of North Korea.

The National Islamic Front regime in Sudan is responsible for the deaths of over 2 million people by war and starvation as they purge the country of all non-Muslims. Does anyone care? Is anyone outraged? The All Africa Conference of Churches has pleaded with the United Nations to stop the carnage. What was the United Nation's response? Sudan was voted to membership on the executive committee of the United Nations Human Rights Commission. As radical Islam creeps across the world, killing and butchering, Michael Moore is pitching his movie blaming it all on George Bush. Are you angry yet? Are you even slightly irritated?

As the media and the United Nations and the Michael Moores of the world complain about the treatment of prisoners at GITMO and Abu Ghraib and the inhumanity of it all, tens of thousands of people have been forced into camps a mere 12 miles from Khartoum where they are refused humanitarian aid or Red Cross inspection and starve in 115-degree heat. Radical Islam is committing genocide in Sudan and no one cares. No one is angry. After all, the evil Americans put women's underwear on some prisoners in Iraq and embarrassed them. That is so important that the New York Times has had articles about the prison abuse on their front page over 48 times. Has there been a single story about the genocide in Sudan on the front page of the mighty New York Times?

How can people be angry when they don't even know? Are you angry that you don't know? You should be. The mainstream media are far more concerned with defeating George Bush and peddling Bill Clinton's latest pack of lies where he denies any and all responsibility for the build-up of terrorism, than they are in reporting anything remotely related to the advancement and dangers of radical Islam. If the leftists tell the truth, Americans might think George Bush is right.

Americans should be furious. But most are not. Americans should be demanding the heads of the butchers slaughtering innocent people all over the world, but that wouldn't be politically correct.

Still many Americans say we should have let the United Nations handle the matter in Iraq, despite the corruption and outright theft of food and medicine right from the mouths of Iraqi children by the very body that should have been protecting them. Are you angry yet?

Michael Moore's movie, "Fahrenheit 9/11," received a twenty minute ovation and top honors at the Cannes Film Festival in France. The film is unabashedly an anti-Bush endeavor and is advertised as such. Many parts of this film have already been shown to be false by the findings of the 9/11 Commission yet the leftists are heralding it as the "tell-all" about the crimes of George W. Bush.

There is a man who has done a documentary on the atrocities of Saddam Hussein and his sons complete with video of tortures and beheadings. It shows arms and hands being chopped off, tongues being cut out with razor blades, beatings, and rapes but no one will even give this man an outlet to show this film. Not one film distributor, not one cable network appears interested in showing one of the reasons Saddam Hussein needed to be removed from power. Instead, some in the Red Cross feel Saddam should be freed because there is no "smoking gun" to convict him for crimes against humanity and Saddam's lawyers are complaining he is being "mistreated."

America, are you angry yet?
Yeah I'm angry! That Micheal Moore may have more agengas besides Anti Bush pep rallies($$$$$$$$$$$$). And so many people will go watch it and take it for the God's honest truth. Our days are numbered if the fairy get's elected.
D.R. Cattle":3vqbq70u said:
Yeah I'm angry! That Micheal Moore may have more agengas besides Anti Bush pep rallies($$$$$$$$$$$$). And so many people will go watch it and take it for the God's honest truth. Our days are numbered if the fairy get's elected.
Agree with you 100% D.R.

Love to hear the passion in the thought expressed here, Yes WE ARE MAD AS HELL

You know what we can do about it, vote vote vote


Don't let the flip flop wearing socialists destroy this country that many of our family members fought to protect and preserve for our wellbeing

Why is it that it was our Family Members that Faught and NOT Theirs???

Because they don't have the balls to stand up and fight for anything, they are the bully on the play ground, until someone bigger knocks them on their butt, they always blast, conservatives are the rich, I'll bet the ranch that if you tallied the bank accounts of the two parties and compared them the liberal left would be far heavier, from all they have taken by corrupt methods, look at Bill and Hitlary, could you find two more crooked fools, probably just look at their friends, but seriously, GET OUT AND VOTE

We have reached a crittical point in history, if we let go of our toe hold now, a revolution will rise up, and knock down this foolish socialist democrat party, now I don't want war, but I'll be damned if I have to live under a socialist like Kerry, and there are many more Like ME too

Texan":2fc33p9c said:
Have to agree with you on this one, Michelle. Excellent commentary.

Have to agree. Its not Democrats and Republicans anymore. Its conservative Americans against the liberal socialist that want to give our country away. I think the first thing we need to do is kick the UN off US soil. Its like the liberal media spoutin how wrong the war is. We are in the fight for our very way of life. I will never forget or forgive. God Bless the USA and G.W. Bush.