Are red hidded animals better at repelling insects?

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redangus":36c2x9do said:
I have heard this in the past. Is this true and why would it be true?

Based on my observations, some red hided cattle are better then some black hided cattle. By the same token, some black hided cattle are better then some red hided cattle. We have some cows, some red some black, that just never seem to have significant flys. Others seem to have them no matter what we do. It seems from last year the ones that had the fewest face/horn flys were the ones that got attacked worse by horseflys.

from my experience (not much but its some), red seems to repell flies more. my red brahman calf rarely ever has a fly on it and all the rest of the cattle in the barn are always covered. last year my brown steer always had flies on it too.
its seems to me that older cows have a lot more flies on them than the younger ones.

Tex, brahmans have the ability to twitch their skin to get rid of flies, plus they have thick skin that is hard for insects to penetrate.
There is no difference in insect tollerance based on hide color

Any animal may have a genetic predisposition for low insect resistance or high insect resistance

Breed difference has the greatest to do with insect tollerance, and it is brahmans and Zebu type that have the greatest tollerance for insects, they are also the largest breed world wide, just due to survivability

They are in Africa, Idia, Australia, brazil, Mexico, Argentina ect. ect.

Look at forage availability, climate, where there is poor forage, hot climate and lots of bugs you will find Zebu cattle all others have a hard time surviving. Just plain facts! Proof available! NO BS

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