are brafords known for bad bags

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cypressfarms":30xyzlon said:
BRYANT":30xyzlon said:
any of your Brahma cross cattle can and will have a udder problem most of the time this is what makes you have to cull a Brahma or Brahma cross.They breed later than most cattle but will raise calves to a older age IF their udders hold out the brahma cattle also tend to prolasp more than other breeds.

This is just not the truth. Bryant, please provide some facts to back up you statements here. Your on the road to making a lot of newbies believe something that's not true.

WELL NOT THE TRUTH ??? Can you provide facts to prove what I am saying is not true?
I DO NOT HAVE ANY TEST OR FACTS THAT HAVE BEEN RECORDED!!! Also if you are a newbie and you are looking to raise cattle I would recomend brahma cross over ANY other cattle there is.I think I let everone know I like brahma cross cattle. BUT you will have the problem with the udders not in every cow ,I don't think I said everyone would have this problem
Now why did I say it?
1) family has raised cattle for 80 yrs I have seen it more often in brahma cross and full brahmas and no mine ain't 13000.00 dollar cows they are just farm cows
2)worked in a meat packing plant for a few years as killer so I saw several head a day, just know what I saw no recorded facts just what i saw
3)have spent hundreds of hours at sale barns with grandpa who was a trader, so again just know what I see
4) A vet that has worked cattle for me told me that this is more of a problem in the Brahma cross than other breeds
Nuff said raise what you like, Me I want 1/2 brahma in all my cows
Most of these problems are not breed specific but breeder specific. This type of info. is not given in EPD's. Buyers buy good looking young heifers and bulls not knowing what momma was like or what kind of cow the daddy stemed from. The brahman cows will usually end up in an F1 breeding program.The genetics will eventually be passed down into the commercial herds.
I have been associated with Brahmans for over 30 years and have not noticed any problem with udders or prolapse that stands out over any other breed with the exception of one breeder for bad udders. This man is not about to sell out his entire herd because of this. He is working on correcting it. But in the mean time those genetics will still be passed down into the commercial herds.
The only Brahmans that I have seen with bad udders are red ones that have been bred up from Red Sindhi or Sahiwal. These two breeds do get bottle teated at times. Bred up from any other breeds seems to be ok. Thet are good with South Devons. If any breed would give big udders and any potential problem it would be the good milking SD. No problems with any of my F1s.

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