Any Update on Charlo

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Oct 12, 2009
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Molino Florida
Gizmom - are you now calving any Charlo females? Are you seeing any pregnancy or calving issues as his EPDs would suggest? This message seems to suggest your Charlo heifers aren't terribly more problematic than others?
We have not had any calving issues with Charlo and no issues with getting his heifers to breed. I used him again pretty heavy on heifers this year but as I have stated I am a fan. We have some beautiful daughters. I only have one Bravo daughter in the bred heifer pen she is nice but a tic short. I have several Out of Engage to be honest I didn’t like them as calves came really small but have certainly matured into nice females. I didn’t keep any of the Engage bull calves but just used him on heifers and I don’t tend to keep many bulls off heifers. I did use Engage again this year on heifers based on the performance of his daughters I have in production.
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