any info on weaning?

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Jan 30, 2009
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Live Oak, Florida
I have purchased 10 angus and 4 brangus bred herfiers, last year and got the first calf on the 22nd of jan. Hurray, how long do i keep the weaned calves (after the 205 days) away from the moma cow before i can put them back in the herd with out any nursing problems? just joined this morning and you all have tons of info, Fantastic site.
How long has it been since they were separated? Usually, you want two things to happen. First you want the momma cow to dry up. Second, you want the calf to forget about suckling. If those two have been accomplished, you should be okay. I usually wean mine, and then later move the calves to a different part of the farm to grow out together, so I'm not an expert on teh time it takes before you can put them back together. I will say that I've had low milking herefords wean their calf naturally before I separated them, and I've seen dairy cows keep milking until the next calf was born.
I don't have any calves old enough yet to wean, just getting all my ducks in a row before the time comes,i want to keep the BCS up on my young cows, thank you Gents for the info.
I just put some steers back with the cows after about 10 weeks from weaning and there did not seem to be any tendency to return to momma nor momma to the steers. fwiw.

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