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From what I understand it is spread through "mechanical" means as opposed to "STD's" which must be spread via sexual or other bodily fluid contact. Browse websites for CDC (Center for Disease Control), USDA, or just type in "Anthrax" on your browser--you'll find many references and articles on subject.
> why is anthrax so deadly to us and
> farm animals Bacillus anthracis, the bacteria which causes anthrax, can kill an animal with as few as 6 spores becoming activated within the body. It will produce a toxin in massive amounts/strength which will kill. When I've seen anthrax (once, quite memorable) it was a steer which had been nicked with a front end loader, and had unclotted blood running from his eyes, nose, prepuce and anus. He was obviously quite dead.... I agree about researching on the net for more info.