antelope horn milkweed

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Dec 23, 2003
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discussing weed control on another thread got me to thinking that maybe someone on here can help me. we have a problem with antelope horn milkweed and the only thing we've found to kill it is to spot spray with roundup. obviously this is time consuming & we'd much rather broadcast spray but other herbicides like p+d don't work. we've contacted some of the chemical manufacturers & salesman but no one has been able to give us any good suggestions. do any of you have a problem with these and/or have found anything that works?
I guess I've had a little of it without ever knowing what it was, and just shredded it down (after reading your post I looked at a picture of it via a google search and it looks like what I've had). Anyway, I just posted a link from an A & M publication on pasture weeds (to Eric on another topic regarding Amber herbicide) --- just did a quick scan of that publication and I believe the only time I saw any "milkweed" listed the only control herbicide was in fact Roundup. You may be stuck doing the spot spray method, unless you think the use of a wick applicator with Roundup might work on the milkweed while not making much contact with your desirable grasses. But I've used Remedy/water/surfacant for foliar application with pretty decent results on a number of things (but NOT on huisache) ---it may be worth a try in your situation. I realize that antelope horn milkweed is a perennial, but I wonder if shredding it for a few years such that it doesn't have a chance to release a viable seed crop would eventually do the trick?
thanks for the response, arnold. we've thought of the wick application & use one for johnson grass in the hay fields, but i'm not sure it would work on milkweeds since the majority tend to grow almost laterally instead of up. i'm also not sure that a wick would provide enough chemical to actually kill the plant & not just burn it back for a while.

i have an e-mail out to the a&m extension service to see if they have some more information or if maybe they'd be interested in setting up a test plot. again, thanks for your response. i'll check out the link to you posted.

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