Another pasture ornament.

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Mar 18, 2015
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Pictures of another pasture ornament. This picture is from early in the spring. We bought her yesterday, didn't have my truck and trailer as it was a "fur piece" as my dear grandmother from Feds Creek Ky used to say. Feds Creek is in Pike Co for our KY residents.

She is out of a Simmental bull "Oracle".


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Didn't realize there were cattle near there. I travel through Kimper 4 days a week going to Phelps and Stopover.
She would look nice in my pasture.
Naw Kenny the Feds Creek reference was just to let people know were I learned my colorful language. She had other sayings that are not fit for a family oriented website. The heifer was bought in Indiana. We pick her up middle of October.

Why are you in Phelps that often?

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