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Dec 27, 2003
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I raise just a couple of cows. It is a hobby, one that my kids enjoy and that feeds us as well. Another hobby which takes a bit of my time is dutch oven cooking. I enjoy the smell of cast iron over charcoal, and I enjoy the taste of the food even more. Are there any other dutch oven enthusiasts here?

Does anyone have any good recipes? I've got a few traditional recipes that I enjoy cooking, but would like to get some good recipes for chile, stew, and anything else that can be cooked in a dutch.

Not really cow related, but this is the "coffee shop" ...

- rwhite
Funny you should ask. My 13 year old son is a campfire cooking fanatic. He started watching that Campfire Cafe show and has been intrigued ever since. For Christmas I built all of the necessary equipment for him to hang the ovens and built a swing grill as well. Mom and Grandma got the ovens and skillets. He tried it for the first time a few days ago with some venison he shot last month. It was good, but he has some practicing to do. Controlling the heat is difficult. Much different than our custom grill which he is quite good at already. The act is a lost art to say the least. I'm proud of him. Most kids his age wanted skateboards and video games. He wants to cook. Go figure :D
We used to make this. It's pretty good. It's even easier to cook "earthroast" style. Just dig a pit 2' deep, build a big fire in it and let burn down to red coals. Put the dutch oven directly on the coals and cover the pit with a piece of metal roofing and cover it with dirt to seal. Come back in 5 or 6 hours and it's ready to eat.

Easy Campfire Roast
  • 4-5 lb Beef Roast
    1 Large Onion
    1 bottle of Catalina salad dressing
    Carrots and Potatoes
Peel and slice the onion. Place the slices in the bottom of the Dutch oven. Place the roast on top and cover with the bottle of Catalina dressing. Fill the empty bottle 3/4 full with water and pour over roast. Cover and simmer over camp fire for 2-4 hours. Peel and cut carrots and potatoes and place in with roast. Cook for another hour.
Remove from heat and eat!
Eliminate the carrots, potatos and the salad bressing and that really sounds good

That sounds pretty good. I've wanted to try cooking a whole roast, but wasn't sure of the cooking times. I'm still learning quite a bit about cooking this way.

One that we like is a simple chicken recipe. I take a chicken and cut it into parts leaving the bones in. Place it in the dutch, with a chopped onion. I season with garlic, salt and pepper, pour about 1/2 inch chicken stock in the bottom, and cook for about an hour. The ckicken is so tender and juicy. We also do it that way with my wifes homemade bbq sauce.
Replace the chicken with beef, replace the stock with white grape juice or apple juice, throw in a bunch of mushrooms and it won't need to be cooked to death.

That actually sounds real good. You think a roast would do it, or a couple of steaks in with the mushrooms?

I made stuffed green peppers in the dutch once. I made a basic meat loaf recipe with ground beef, then stuffed some peppers and poured some seasoned tomato sauce over it all. When they were done, I topped them off with a lot of cheese. Those were real good.

- rwhite
Probably anything other then burger. Venison would be great too.

better if instead of grape juice just marinate with lemon pepper sauce and if you put the whole Rib-Eye wraped with thick bacon and add the bunch whole mushrooms you talked about will be the best

dun":22394tou said:
Replace the chicken with beef, replace the stock with white grape juice or apple juice, throw in a bunch of mushrooms and it won't need to be cooked to death.

D.R. Cattle":2s8bkxn3 said:
Lodge rules if you can afford it. I bought my son a few pieces for Christmas.
I am told that the cheap imports warp and scorch real easy.
You cant find any good cookware less expensive than Cast Iron.
Most small towns have a hardware store that should carry Lodge at very reasonable prices. What really hurts is to pay mail order shipping charges.
I am no fan of WalMart but they used to carry Lodge.
i use a dutch oven nearly every meal when we are in elk camp each fall. they are good for cooking bacon, fried potatoes, all sorts of things that you don't have to have hot coals for. something else that is pretty good for cooking bacon outside on a fire is a disk blade. all of the grease will drain down to the center so your bacon won't be laying in grease when its cooking. if using it on an open campfire you get a lot of flame, if you want to use it over a camp stove weld a plug in the center

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