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Lloyd and all you other Bush supporters: Go to Bull Session at and then click on the URL that is provided on the post "White Hat". I think you'll like what you see. Regards, Arnold Ziffle
Thanks Arnold, but I already have this one. I couldn't do the Must See deal though. Is it about 911. if it is I already have it also. If not please eMail me and get me straightened out. I am not to sharp about these computers, amongst other things. I liked the Bill Gates deal right next to the White Hat.
Yes, it is 9/11 related --- I've seen many of the 9/11 clips with slide shows and inspirational prose but I think this one is one of the best. Regards, A.Z.
Yeah, I was able to finally view it. I already had it saved. It is the best
that I've seen.
I probaly view it at least once a week when we have someone over.

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