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Jul 14, 2008
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Just curious what everyone else does. I run three old Ford tractors; a 3000, 6600, and 9700. The past week I've had some downtime so I've been working them over pretty good trying to get 30+ year old tractors in as good a shape as possible for their age. I was curious what you all do for maintenance, preventative maintenance annually semi-annually or every couple years. Some do certain things a little differently. These don't get a ton of hours for use, just carting bales in the winter and bale up about 500 big bales in the summer.
Dont own any Fords, but with my three tractors (135 MF, 2440 JD, 70hp Belarus) I do the usual each year:
1..Change oil and filter.
2.. Change out hydraulic fluid, and check it regularly.
3.. Grease all fittings. (Several times a month)
4..Change out fuel filter each year.
5.. Use air compressor to blow out the air filter, all cooling radiators, all around the engine. (about twice a month)
6..Check bolts, and nuts and keep them tightened.
7.. Keep batteries charged.
8..Keep correct air pressure in tires.
9.. If I get the tractors muddy, I dont wait too long to wash them off.
I am sure there are more things I do, but thats it as far as basic maintenance goes.
Well I seem to have a couple too many tractors here,

Farmalls M and 450 both gassers they get a yearly tune up, points condenser and plugs, along with an oil change, and other fluids are cheked and changed as nessessary. They are also greased and given a bath as nessary.

The big horses, IH 756d 1066 and 1086, are serviced before going into action, ex. if the 1066 is used for tillage but not the 1086, just the 1066 get serviced. Don't have the time to get everybody ready at once and 90% of the time I don't need them all going at once either. On them I usually change the oil and filter, coolent filters, add coolent clean air filters; also radiators oil coolers and a\c condensors.
Hyd oil I try to change every other year, unless I blow a hose or something and it changes its self :lol2:
And they get a bath as nessary also, I can get them pretty dirty haulen poop in the rain :shock:

Went to feed the other morning and the tractor started and about 5 minutes it stopped. I could get it going but it would run a couple minutes and quit. It was -8F and the fuel wouldn't go through the filter. Place I do business with was closed Sat. so he put a filter on top of an outside pop machine. Put it on and bleed the lines and it run fine. Hadn't changed the fuel filter for a couple of years. I will change it more often now.
I can't imagine my old Fords getting a waxing! lol. The rusty paint sure might look nice all waxed up though ;) If I ever get the money for a new tractor it will definitely get a lot more cosmetic attention. I've been thinking of completely overhauling and painting up the 3000 as it will always have a place in my heart since it was one of my dad's tractors. I won't ever get rid of it. On my 9700 I added new fuel filters, fuel line, and lift pump. Sure does start up a lot better now!
here is my service schedule
fuel filter 150-175 hrs
oil & filter 150-175 hrs
hyd filter 500hrs or once a yr

hyd fluid 1000hrs or evry 2 yrs

air filter change every yr
blow out every oil change or as needed in between

Antifreeze/coolant change every yr
tip when adding water to tracors with aluminum radiators used distilled water not well water also add an additive for diesel engines to the coolant or use diesel engine approved anti-freeze

grease all fittings on a daily basis when haying or every 10 hrs of use
cre10":26hjqblp said:
I can't imagine my old Fords getting a waxing! lol. The rusty paint sure might look nice all waxed up though ;)

You'd be surprised what one coat of wax would do for the baby powder blue paint on a NH. There are some good easy waxes out there that don't take much time. I don't know why the companies don't paint them like car companies do. When I paint mine, I'm going to go over them with a few coats of clear coat. They'll definitely look spiffy then. :nod:

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