Animal protein in mineral supplements???

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Brad B

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Oct 10, 2004
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North AL
We have used a locally milled blend of minerals for the past 20 years or so with great success. I occasionally read the "tag on the bag" just to refresh my memory of what's inside. I read it yesterday and was suprised to see that this mineral supplement contains Pork meal. I'm sure the forumlation has remained the same for the last umpteen years, but is this considered feeding animal protein? What are the legalities of this? I know, not that we ever have, but you can't feed poultry litter anymore.

Yes, Brad the pork meal would be an animal protein. But its not a ruminant derived animal protein. Pure pork and pure equine protein sources are non-prohibited sources just like poultry meal. Some of the natural programs specify no mammalian protein sources, but as far as I know, the pork meal is not illegal according to FDA.

The poultry litter ban is kinda different because its intent is to prevent the indirect feeding of ruminant derived protein. Since poultry feed can contain ruminant MBM, and since the feed is often spilled in the broiler houses, the litter is banned because it could contain a ruminant derived protein from the spilled feed.

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