Animal behavior and eclipse

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Ky hills

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Feb 4, 2016
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Clark County, KY
Saw this article and it mentions something like make sure your cattle and horses aren't rampaging through fences.
Not sure how to prevent that, animals have been getting spooked for ever by various things, not sure how the eclipse would cause that,
I could see chickens going to roost.
Animals are more in tune with nature, at least the larger majority of them are. It's the humans that I am monitoring for. Damn people **** everywhere, and throw trash. It's the trash that's different.
Last one I saw was while stationed in Germany a little over 20 years ago. Dark enough to have the streetlights come on during lunch.
It was really cool to look at the fully eclipsed sun in 2017 (with special glasses of course). You could see all the solar flares like the mane of a fiery horse.
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This tweet link won't load but it's an eclipse on the beech involving girls.

Take out the spaces in the above link, paste to your browser and you can see this total eclipse.
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What I noticed here was the complete absence of birds at the feeders during the eclipse and for a short time afterwards. They weren't back in full force today either. The donkeys didn't notice anything, but not much distracts them their grazing anyway.
Our chickens came back to the coop. I would assume to roost, but it was over before they all came home.

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