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Help solve this arguement: which breed is a better eating beef, Angus or charolais? If you raise either, please state that in your reply. I am looking for non-bias answers. Thanks!

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I breed neither Angus nor Charolais. Both can produce excellent beef, and frankly how the cattle are handled, finished and the meat is aged can have a major impact on the eating experience. Now what I'm going to say is generalities, and what experience has taught me, it is NOT gospel...

Charolais, in general, have less intramuscular fat, which can lead to the meat being less moist and flavourful. Angus have more--unfortunately sometimes so much that you're trimming half your steak to avoid large chunks of it. If you want lean burger, charolais is much better, because most fat is laid on the surface and is easily trimmed pre-cooking. If you want a large roast, charolais are likely better. For tender, frankly I pick a different breed altogether.

The angus breeders have CAB, which is a good marketing tool, although other breeds (with a black hide) qualify for their program, thus it really isn't "certified angus beef"--and red angus don't qualify at all....

My preference, frankly, is neither of the above to eat. But then, that's just me!

Hope you find the answer you're looking for!

We raise both crosses but we have gotten in to the habit of only saving back the angus calves for the freezer just seems to be better quality for us hope this helps Jake

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i personally am a big fan of the charolais breed but if it came to choosing between an angus and a charolais to eat i would eat the angus but i cross my angus and charolais together and i butchered a mixed calf got plenty of beef with some tendernous but not as tender and juicy as an angus in my opinion if ur having trouble which breed to decide just cross them like is said in my opinion

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