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Jun 14, 2013
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Angus Expert Q #1
You are being called as an expert witness on Angus bulls.
You may only answer the question. You may not ask any questions.
Question #1 : Which is the best Connealy Angus bull available today?
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Only contemporary bulls. Bulls with grandsons with A.I. companies would not be eligible. (For example, Connealy Onward would not be eligible).
Consensus 7229. Never seen a bull or cow from him I didn't like. Current major studs that he sired include Black Granite (ss) and Hickok (abs)
Consensus 7229 has had a big impact on the breed with his sons. Is Final Product more of a sire of show animals? I know he gets a lot of breedings.
I'd have to second consensus 7229. I don't like him himself all that much but I like the numbers and I've seen a lot of sons that I liked a lot.
Does Connelly still have to own them or just bred them? I'm a Connelly 044 fan
Connealy doesn't have to own him but 044 is a 2003 model? Only younger bulls are eligible.
How about Connealy Black Granite? A Consensus 7229 son that offers great calving ease, very good growth, decent carcass numbers, docility and much more. He's very popular with purebred breeders and commercial cattlemen alike. Good reports on his offspring, bulls and heifers. Eagerly awaiting my first Black Granite calf later this spring (I hope it's a heifer). But there are so many good Connealy bulls out there to choose from. This topic should be fun to read for the feedback from everyone.
Air gator":xian7slu said:
Consensus 7229 has had a big impact on the breed with his sons. Is Final Product more of a sire of show animals? I know he gets a lot of breedings.

I am not sure as to whether or not Final Product is a show sire. I looked him up on ABS and one of the outfits that owns him is what I would consider a show oriented herd. I wouldn't classify Connealy as show ring, to me theirs is production/performance based. If I remember correctly Final Product was listed as having a 6.7 yearling frame, most of the show sires seem to be considerably smaller framed than that.
:) yall don't follow the rules .... 7229 has grandson with AI companies, sorry to act like the teacher's pet LOL

Thomas NAVIGATOR (GenEx, B. Granite son)
Pine View ROCK SOLID (GenEx, B. Granite son)
Vintage LEGACY (GenEx, VAR Generation)
KG JUSTIFIED (GenEx, Judgement)
SS ROCKET (Select S., Comrade)
Werner FLAT TOP (Select S., B. Granite son)
Flying V TRANSFORMER (ABS, Generation)
Barstow BEDROCK (ABS, B. Granite)
and a few others
More Questions then. How good is Black Granite? What are his strengths/weaknesses? He also has a half-brother with an AI company but I can't remember his name.
I'm referring to his maternal brother. I found him Connealy Western Cut
Black granites come easy and are nice. Moderate sized and jet black. 7229 is my favorite one but BG is coming on strong.
Connealy Spur is a bull you may want to consider for this discussion. No holes in my opinion.
I bought a first calf bred heifer that was AI'd to Black Granite and she had no problems calving and I am getting ready to sell the son as an 18 month old. Good growth, good looks and is as gentle as a puppy dog. I can't even begin to tell you how docile he is. I plan to AI more to him because of that docility.
jscunn":1xywl4j8 said:
Courage or Comrade. Calving ease and puts a nice look to them.

We AI'd with Comrade last year and had him as one of our best bulls at the sale this spring. A family friend ended up purchasing him at the sale and I am super excited to see what his calves look like next year. We had done the genomic enhanced EPD's. Not only great #'s but all around, the best looking bull we had in my opinion.

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