Angus Calf Cough

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May 24, 2004
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Indiantown, Florida
We're bottle feeding an Angus calf. He's about 3 months old now. He takes a bottle fine and loves grass. He doesn't eat much calf starter though. He has developed a cough and periodically holds his mouth open, tongue out and makes a light bellaring noise. It looks like he might be trying to vomit. After several minutes of this, it just goes away for a couple hours or more and then returns. Could this be a virus or infection?

Check it's temperature. It could be he has a respiritory infection. If he has a temp , give him a shot of Nuflor and another one 2 days later. It sounds like he is having trouble breathing - possibly lung damage if he has had the cough for a while.
This could also be lungworm. If he's not febrile, consider an avermectin--either ivo, cydectin, dectomax etc. Lungworm is a parasite which can be detected with a special fecal test called a bauerman fecal test (detects larvae)

As always, when in doubt, ask your vet! We're really not mercenary monsters!

Good Luck!
As always, when in doubt, ask your vet! We're really not mercenary monsters!

Vicki, you are very, very knowledgeable and more than helpful. I have more faith in the replies i get from you than my vet. Cannot normally get him to the farm. Instead he calls and "tells" me what to do, gets short w/ me when I ask too many questions and then charges me for a phone consultation. It is just a good thing I haven't had a major emergency in the past several years or he would get more than my opinion!!! THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR TIME AND KNOWLEDGE
-Certherfbeef ;-) :cboy:

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