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Sep 11, 2004
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south carolina
A friend is looking at buying an Angus bull from a breeder that has several New Day sons to choose from. What kind of reputation does New day have in the Angus breed?
I like New Day, they calve easier than his epd claims and they have super good udders. Good growth as well. Good cattle phenotypically as well.
We've used New Day every year for the past 5 years and will use him again some this year. Bulls have always been easy to sell, growthy, masculine, sound and athletic. Dispositions are excellent and they pass that on. Females look like females, udder quality is decent, depends on the dam they're out of, he won't destroy udders but he won't fix them either. If you are looking at ND sons to buy I'd check out something with either an EXT, Bushwacker or Right Time dam behind them, we have found that to be a solid combination. Our first ND daughter in production will make Pathfinder this year.
A Right time daughter with a New Day bull calf

a 4yo New Day daughter (expect to be on the Pathfinder report due out soon)

Her newsline daughter as a yearling

her Bushwacker bull calf from last year (has a full sister to him at side now)
thanks jscunn, we've found the new day (and 004) x bushwacker and vice-versa works very well, we went and bred again that way last year and will do the same this year. If it ain't broke :D we'll use the BW son pictured for clean up on all those AI'd to Bushwacker then he goes to a commercial cooperater herd to breed about 25 - 30 right time/new day influence yearling heifers.
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robert":3afflkzn said:
commercial cooperater herd

Robert, just curious. What do you do with a commercial cooperator herd?

A number of things, we co-own herdsires, test young sires, put in embryos and also market some bulls out of their small registered herd. Majority of the cows are pasture bred in a 50 day breeding season. We have also been marketing the commercial steer calves and surplus replacement heifers and using carcass data from the commercial steers to guide future breeding decisions in the registered herd.

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