Andre Rieu

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Oct 1, 2008
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Northern New England Region, Tenterfield NSW Austr
Went to the Andre Rieu concert at Suncorp Stadium on Thursday night. It was magnificent. 25,000 at the concert. Would reccommend it to anyone to go to it whether you like classical type music or not. We have our tickets for next years concert in October 2009 already. H :banana: :banana: e is a wonderful entertainer who involves the whole crowd.The sets are truly spectacular. He brought his equipment in over 100 shipping containers. It takes his crew 5 days to set up working 24 hours a day. Andre is appealing to all ages.
If you get a chance to go treat yourself.
Brooks and Dunn are coming back too. In May I''ll try and get tickets to them. Their concert this year sold out in half an hour.
Colin :banana: