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Do you think of gender when reading posts?

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Dec 28, 2003
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MO Ozarks
After reading the poetry, I got to wondering how many people actaully think about the gender of the others on the board. Obviously (maybe) c-annie, c-ruby, eric, jake etc are gender indicators.
Fpr some reason the last question didn't make the poll.

Huh, what's a gender?

I know i didnt know txag is a sheila until i read the poem. where have i been?
Beefy":ipbpbc75 said:
I know i didnt know txag is a sheila until i read the poem. where have i been?

i "came out of the closet" in a discussion in the coffee shop about a week or two ago.
oh. ive been working so much lately i havent been getting on here nearly as often. plus i usually skip the coffee shop because of all the politics. good to know.
Does the gender make a difference in how or what you respond with?

dun":1cd31jiy said:
Does the gender make a difference in how or what you respond with?


it doesn't and it shouldn't.

when i first started visiting the boards (in the old format), it seemed that most of the women posters were asking about bottle-feeding baby calves & just weren't taken seriously as ranchers, so i decided to keep my gender a secret. i never mislead anyone or posted as a is kind of funny how people (myself included) assume somoeon's male unless they specifically state they're a female. after other knowledgeable females began posting & were taken seriously, i decided i'd let the secret out.
In the cattle business, most people don't want to believe that a woman can do or know as much, or in some cases more, than a man.

I do all the work w/ the cattle and most of the hay. My husband works in a steel mill. And I like to think I can put a stock trailer anywhere you might want it. But people still look to Him for the answers to their questions. Then he has to direct them to me.
Yes it makes a difference
Dun, i dont know if that is directed to everyone or at my closing with "good to know." I meant it as "interesting, i didnt know that" not like "oh you're a woman.."

I answered this poll "sometimes" although now that i think about it i should have answered "never" until now. Some are obvious, others i havent really thought about, and others (like txag) i had assumed were male, i dont know why. Gender has no affect on my responses or the credibilitly of a poster as far as i'm concerned.
One thing I find humorous is in this area when someone that isn't familiar with the way things are done go to a dairy and descover for the first time that in most dairys, the woman is actaully the boss. The husband just kind of muddles along, but the woman knows what's going on.

Being female with job, I like to share the restaurant and date expenses by buying every other time. But most of the time when I give the cashier my money ... HE (my date) gets the change back and a 'thank you' by the smiling person behind the cash register. Why do they give him my change? It's a good thing I have a sense of humor. :lol:
Well, they usually give my wife my change :lol: and then they smile at each other :shock:
I dont care a posters gender, just want good information.
I have had better luck with female vets than male (I think they may try harder)
Sure wish I had some of my neighbors fine stock :lol:[/code]
I always get those sort of things happening to me. Expecially from the older generation. Here's an example: My hubby's grandpa was talking to him about how he cuts the bull calves. My hubby said 'I don't know, she (meaning me) does it, all I do is hold them" His grandpa looked like someone had shot him and said "SHE does it???? why don't you, that's a man's job!" I couldn't resist I said "Yeah, I can throw em, cut em, drive a tracter, and back a trailer just as good as he can!" I basically have had to prove to people that I can do things that the men don't have to prove, it is assumed they know these things. I have gotten quite a few suprized looks when the men at the auctions and other 'cattle places' see me step out of the truck and my hubby step out of the passenger side.
I think these gals do a heck of a good job. I really never think about gender unless it is obvious. The only reason I think about it then is because it is announced. There are many here that are more 'cowboy' than I.

I only think of gender in terms of how I refer to other posters in my posts. I just think it's polite to refer to "him" or "her" with the correct gender reference. Just anal I guess. By the way, I'm the boss at our place.....(my wife told me I could be today). ;-)
I have just about always considered the gender, but didn't actually realize it. Subconscious, I guess. It helps me when I'm forming a mental understanding of some of the personalities here – or I thought it did. Take txag for instance. I always had txag figured for the kind of guy I wouldn't mind sharing a foxhole with. Didn't know till the other day that I was embarrassing myself. If I find out that Dun, LA, Campground, Ollie, Oldtimer, et al are women I'm going to have to take a sabbatical and rethink my entire worldview. BTW, txag, I'd still share a foxhole with you. Something tells me you could cover somebody's flank as good as the next guy, and look good doing it. That's not flirting, that's complementing!

Years ago my wife and I were camped well back from the beaten track deer hunting. There were several guys capmed within seeing distance of us. When we pulled in with a buck in the back they gradually wandred over to "help" skin it. They about had a heart attack when they saw we had it hung up and I was skinning on one side and my wife was happily skinning the other. We used to go deer hunting on a ranch up in northern CA ans she was the only woamn around. After a couple of years there were nearly as many women as men. The standard joke got to be that I should just leave the shooting to her and I could drag them. I told them that she grabs one side and drags her fair share. That pretty much shut everyone up.
She's barely 5' and maybe 100 lbs with rocks in her pockets, but she's my right hand ans will try darn near anything, and usually do a good job at it.

It is an OLD stereo type that we just can't shake,

My hubby answeres the phone, and people want to ask cattle questions, he says you have to talk to the other half thats her thing, so he patches them through to my cell phone, I am usually on the road

My husband always sais I am mean, because I cut sorry bull calves, until I made him help once and he realized there was very little blood and took less than two or three minutes and they get up and run off as if nothing ever happened

He does sharpen my knife though, for the removal of the bottom inch or two of the scrotum, I use emasculators and there is no blood at all, and I have not had one bleed to death as can happen with just the knife,

I usually wait till they are 250-350, slip a halter on them, then when they pitch a fit, and fall over, I sit on them and go

I also have had several customers (men) ask to come help so that they could learn to do it that way, I don't have the muscle so I have to use leverage to get it done with out getting hurt, and most men find it takes a lot less effort but gets the job done just the same