Always check your bale feeder .

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Oct 31, 2006
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Alberta, Canada
During calving season always get off your tractor and physically check your bale feeder before you drop the bale..

I was feeding today and did a quick look in the feeders before starting to make sure no little turkeys had climbed in for a quick nap..

When I finally started feeding I was on my 5th bale and just as I was going to drop it something told me to get off and check again..

I am so very glad I went with my gut because a little heifer had crawled in and was snuggle in a small mound of hay..The new hay savers base is higher than my old feeders so it makes the calves harder to see, especially if you have a bale on the loader.

From now on I am going to take the extra time to check every feeder no matter what...That could have been very tragic ending for something that has only been around for a few days..
HD the same thing happened to me last spring. I felt just sick for some time afterwards thinking about what could have happened. I always check the feeders now when there are young calves around.
yes its always good to check the hay rings fore you dump a bale.some calves love climbing in the rings.
HD, that is a good reminder. Our calves are always in and out of those things. Luckily we've never lost one but have had ones injured this way.

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