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Jeanne - Simme Valley

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Dec 9, 2004
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Central Upstate New York
Our potential best pair (red 2-yr old c/c w/ heifer) going into the Gettysburg Stars & Stripes Sale in May, got her head stuck in our disc along with front two legs (yeah I know, should have had it fenced out!). Anyway, we oiled her up with mineral oil & couldn't get her out. Husband & I loaded up his cutting torches in truck & it took about an hour to get her out. (oil started burning a few times!) Thought for sure she was history - but she got out (all 4 legs were stuck in it also by the time all was said & done). She slowly got all her parts & pieces untangled & WALKED AWAY!! She was bleeding in many places, lots of scrapes, one dew claw sliced down the middle - but no major cuts, NO BROKEN BONES OR BROKEN NECK!!! She was major sore - put her on Bute for 2 days. Other than some bare spots scabbed over, she's fine. Amazing!!
Wasn't going to post this, I hate to admit my stupidity having a disc in the field with them. Only been in with cattle for about 5 years.
We sure were counting our blessings! - Oh, yes, disc is FENCED OUT - kinda like closing the barn door after the horses get out!
Good to hear your fluffy little county fair cow got through it alright Jeane :D

I've got quite a few bits and pieces of junk in the paddocks with my goats ... they bounce all over them and I keep thinking there's gotta be an accident one day but so far there hasnt been ...
Was her name Fluffy Buffy by chance (premonition)? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Glad you got her out. If all we had to worry about was an implement being in the same area as cattle, we would have it made.
Jeanne - Simme Valley":11mhiwja said:
Our potential best pair (red 2-yr old c/c w/ heifer) going into the Gettysburg Stars & Stripes Sale in May, got her head stuck in our disc along with front two legs (yeah I know, should have had it fenced out!).

....and isn't it always your best, favorite, potentially highest money producer, etc. that does something stupid! ;-)
Hmmm, Fluffy Buffy --- catchie name, I'll have to remember that one. Actually, it was Tokyo Rose.
And yes, Texas Gal - it's ALWAYS the best. :shock: I was driving the tractor getting bales & I spotted by husband running after me & waving his hands. Of course, at that point it was obvious something was really wrong. I had visions of a calf down, hurt, sick, something. When I got close enough to see what was wrong, my heard sunk. Never thought she would get out alive, let alone no actual "damage" other than scrapes & scuffs. Oh, yeah, and one dew claw sliced in half. You would never know anything was wrong now, other than all her scabs.
glad yall was able to get her out of the disc.hope she will heal up an be able to make it in the sale.
Jeanne, I don't think it was stupid at all.. heck we've got all kinds of implements, dozers, etc. at one time of another out with the cows. They just somehow managed to do to strangest things sometimes!

Besides all the work and aggravation of course, the main thing is she was okay! You know you could have the disc out there for another five years and it wouldn't happen again.

I've seen a ranches down here that have cows stuck in the cattle guards. I always thought that was a strange thing for them to do.
Thank you for the post, Jeanne. I have also left a drag, a blade and misc other pieces of equipment in the pastures for one reason or another. No more. Jim
It never ceases to amaze me how animals can hurt themselves. A couple weeks ago Dad and I were digging holes to put in our head stocks and while we were putting the post in, one of our heifers decided to use the auger as a scratching post and nicked her ear. Healed up nicely. Glad to hear she got out unharmed. We've got a couple discs and things in our pasture, maybe I should talk to Dad about moving them. Gonna need one out of there anyway when I get my arena up this year.
I had a steer scratching against a drag leaning against the pole shed. Got his head and one foot stuck in it. Drug the thing all over and through a fence ~ it was an awful mess. He was halter trained and easy to work with so the vet, my oldest boy and I were able to get him out of it. I didn't think we would be able to work it off. He cut up his leg really pretty bad, a bunch of stiches later and he was fine. That was the last time they had access to any equipment.
You're right - they sure can get into the darndest things. Obviously her head had to have gone in easily - but it sure wouldn't come out. She was actually really good to work with and she had never been handled previously. She was not one I could "touch". The cutting torch kinda scared the begeebers out of her - especially when it would go "out" & "pop". It didn't help that her hair caught on fire from the mineral oil we had her doused in :shock: (Just superficial - didn't hurt her - scared me!!).
Glad to report she is out & about with the rest of the 2 & 3-year olds. :banana:
NEVER thought of that!!! We have a "handyman's" jack. That "might" have worked, although she was stuck thru the main beams - not sure if we could have budged them until after hubby made a cut thru them. Hope he can weld really really good!!! sure would like to disc up all these ruts. :lol2:
I just got to thinking about a time that we had a bull get his nose ring stuck in an old sickle mower. I think he did it twice actually. The first time he was pulling and I went to see what had happened. Went to go get something to help get it out or cut the ring off. By the time I got back, we worked it out. Not a week later, he came up to eat and I was watching them, and he looked a little weird. He had pulled the ring completely out of his nose and had a huge tear across it. Luckilly, that has been the only incident we have had so far with something getting caught in an implement.

...Knock on wood.

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