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Feb 19, 2007
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southwest mississippi
this weekend i will be installing sliding alley gates..what do you think is a good length to make the space between gates...the gates are for keeping a cow from backing up and or moving ahead..i will be working cows, calves and an occasional bull
I use 10 feet, nothing scientific that's just the spacing that the configuration lended itself to
I agree with the 10' but put in brackets for putting a pipe behind them when needed for shorter cows or calves.
I was reading some info from Oklahoma state and they suggested 20' between gates. That should be enough space for 3-4 cows.
Not sure about the alley gates, but for keeping cattle from backing up, I have welded horse shoes down both sides of our chute. A piece of 2 3/8" pipe will slide through the shoes, and the horseshoes keep the pipe from rolling backwards/forwards.

This is not the chute, but you can kind of see how the horseshoes are welded to our medina hinge.


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