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I have not used him. His sire, VCR Sir Duke 914, has certainly been a great Charolais sire. I have several daughters of Ali Star's dam Agatha. They are some of my best cows.
i have been told he has plenty of power. I have not used him yet I am trying to talk myself into it .
the only problem I see is that 914 produced thousands of good females but only a handfull of good bulls.
but on the other hand 250's dam Agatha is the real deal lots of performance. he may be okay to use the pics i have seen of his calves look good. he has awsome numbers. what are you going to breed him to if you are cross breeding you could probably find a more power bull with less milk value and come out better that is if you are not keeping his daughters as replacements. hope I helped you a little any how
i sell a few reg. bulls each year and keep the heifers...the better bred heifers go back to a good charolais,,,the other heifers are bred to a braford..yellow baldie calves do fine here...

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