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Jul 16, 2006
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Heard the other day that you cannot plant alfalfa after sudan, sorghum, sudanhybrids or millet. So far no one can say with any certainty whether this is an OWT or whether there may be some peasant wisdom in it. Any experience?
I have watched farmers in the Brazos Valley ( local river bottom area) rotate between corn, sorghum, and just about everything else with alfalfa for years. They use a no-till in the stubble.
They also use soy beans as another legume to rotate.
I put in an orchard grass mix last fall that has alfalfa, timothy and quite a few other species mixed in as well. It was planted directly behind BMR hybrid sudangrass. The alfalfa (not a very large percent) looks great, as does everything else for that matter.
Am no expert but know alfalfa requires neutral to alkaline soils with a high phosphate and potassium content.When i had my soil analysed it was lacking in two trace elements important to alfalfa namely copper and boron aswell.I know sudans are hard on nitrogen but not sure of the other elements.I can't see why the ground cannot be supplemented by way of fertilizer though?

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