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Dec 28, 2003
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MO Ozarks
Many of us served in the military to protect the rights of those that wish to express unpopular opinions. Name calling and pseudo profanity doesn't make much of a point. If kerry the traitor wins the presidency it will just show that those of ALFs mind set were in the majority when it came time to vote. Then those of us that are conservative (ultra-conservative in my case) will sound just as out of wack as ALF does now.
Why not be civil and open minded, possibly we could all learn something, even if it is only how the other side thinks?

I agree!!! We all have to remember that whether we agree with someone's views or not, they HAVE the right to their way of thinking just as we do. As long as someone doesn't try to force their way of thinking on me they can think/believe what they want.

Total agreement here also. While I may not agree with what you have to say, I'll definately support your right to say it! When I see posts that are full of name calling, insulting total strangers and foul language, in my own opinion, that posters credibility goes way down in my book. It's great to be passionate about something, especially politics and sports teams, but realize not everyone shares your feeling, and they have the right to disagree without being insulted.

Heck, I stated early on that I didnt like hereford cows because of the way they look. I dont like the red curly hair, the brite white face etc....and Dun jumped right on that post and stated that he felt there was nothing prettier than a pasture full of baby red/white face herefords, but he never once said I was an idiot for not liking them! He gave all the positives about the herefords, but he never bashed the breed I was considering. And I have respected his opinion every since, and have learned alot from his vast knowledge of the cattle business. We can have different opinions and still get along with each other. How boring would this world be if we didn't have choices, either with candidates, cattle breeds, religion or sports teams?

Has all this bashing always been here and I never noticed it, or has it just gotten alot worse lately?
I think it's gotten worse since the presidential race started.
The gay thing has gotten worse since they started getting married and ruffling people's feathers.
It's becoming a very fierce opposition (Reps and Dems) If you could take the liberal stereotype away from the Dem party, they would be more bearable.

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