Al Capone..

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Oct 31, 2006
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Alberta, Canada
We lost Al sometime early this morning..found him dead and Marshmallow was trying to get him up, now she is running back and forth in the pasture making whining noises..Very sad ,,I hope she will be OK without out him as they have been inseparable for many years now... :(

Al had had been losing weight lately but he seemed to be better these last couple of weeks and was much more energetic than before so I thought he just had a tough long cold winter..It was a total shock to learn he had died ,he was just eating llama pellets out of my hand yesterday..

It is just sad, going to be very strange around here without him..
That stinks HD, sorry for your loss. If you feel like it, tell us the story of why you named him Al Capone.
Thanks Randi and MM AL is an Alpaca.

We got Al and Marshmallow from a Llama rescue . We wanted just Lo as lawn mower but they insisted we take Al as well because they took Lo in when she was a few weeks old and she latched on to Al immediately and they were inseparable..They quickly adjusted to their new home and even came running when called by their names after awhile..After working with them for a few days I was quickly able to pet them move them where I wanted and even feed them by hand..They were great coyote control as well and I never had to worry during calving season as they were in the pasture right next to the calving cows..

I feel so sorry for Lo and do not know what to do. I think we may have to get another rescue because she will be too lonely by herself.

Al was old I do not know how old but knew he was getting up there...It is going to be very strange without him around and all of his cute little noises he would make...

Here is a pic of them when we first got them ,,sadly I think it is the only pic of have of him..
He is the light brown one,,boy Lo sure has grown a lot since this pic..

those are goodlooking animales.sorry that you lost al.hope you can get her another friend soon.
Ah geeze. That is too bad. You are right, Lo is going to be sad ~ I am glad you are considering getting another. They are very pretty.
Thanks you guys, Marshmallow is doing better she has been sticking close to the horses ,,,,,,,sort of..They all kind hate each other, the horses are bullies and Marshmallow spits at them.. :lol2: Thank Goodness she has never even thought of spitting at me ... :help:

We are going to get her a companion when I have her moved to her summer area, no point in feeding hay to another animal right now..
Sorry you lost AL. Get Marshmallow a mate, animals are like humans, we...they, just do better when we're not along.

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