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AI Synchronization

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Feb 4, 2006
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We have AI'd our herd for the last 2 seasons and are getting ready again. The first year, we used Lutalyse and CIDRs with ok results, but didn't like the expense. Last year we bred on natural heats, but I can't invest that amount of time spread out over a month this year. I have read some on here and other places and had decided to go with 2 shot prostaglandin. Before, I thought the interval was 11 days, but went to the Lutalyse website

http://www.lutalyse.com/Lutalyse.aspx?c ... =400#seq12

and they recommend a 14 day interval. Claimed the percentage of cattle expected to come into heat after the second shot increases from 75 to 95 percent. Anyone have any experience with a 14 versus 11 day interval?

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