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Jan 29, 2009
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south jersey
I am looking for some opinons on semen suppliers. I currently have a polled hereford bull with my cows but this year he can only breed half of them so I am looking into ai school. I actually want to hear some opinions on my bull but thats another subject. I spoke to selectsires and abs guys at the york farm show. The abs guy was real helpful and they seem to have a lot more selection for polled herefords than selectsires. The school is actually 350 for selectsires and 150 for abs ( both 3 day classes). Just wanted to know who has better equipment, schools, or semen if there is even a difference. Thanks for any info.
Both are good companies, I guess it would depend how much money you are willing to spend and what kind of semen you are looking for. You could always just take the cheaper class and buy semen from wherever. Do you have Genex in your area? They offer the A.I. class up here for only $50 (two days).
We use semen from ABS, GENEX and Select Sires. Never have seen any difference in conception rates with one company over another.
It really is depends on the person(s) serving your area and not just the company(ies). Genex services my tank and I buy most of what I need from them. My route owner who is independant, but affiliated strongly with Genex is great, the Select Sires rep in my area is pretty sorry in my opinion and I won't do any business with him. ABS is not very active around here.

So like any other sales business the relationship is key. I would be willing to bet that quality as far as the companies are concerned is about equal. They all have good selections of popular breeds and less of others. They all tend to run specials like any other business. For my money it comes down to who appreciates me and my business the most.

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