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Jan 25, 2007
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I'm ready to get AI certified but want to know if there are any specific schools for this that hold much more credibility than others? I live in the middle Tn. area but will travel if need be.
The AI studs frequently have schools scattered aorund the country. Most of the 3-4 day schools are only a couple of hours each day. I think it's Graham school and I'm sure there are others that are pretty much a total immersion type. You spend all day every day with some aspect of breeding.
The ABS class that i did lasted 4 or 5 days, cost 500.00 but got 250.00 semem credit. didn't have any semem that i wanted so i talked them into trading me supplies, AI kit some sinc drugs and whatnot.
Here is the link for the Graham School, they have been around a long time and I think they have a pretty good reputation. Garnett, KS is where they are located. I don't think they are affiliated with any of the breed services , if it matters.

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