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Jun 16, 2008
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My wife has been breeding 90% of our cows plus our heifers for the last five years and has used the CIDR seven day protocol plus giving them a shot when breeding regardless if it's a detectable heat or massing them at the end of the protocol. She gets about 80% on detected heat and about 65-70% on the mass breeding. Our nutrition is probably not as good as some places as we are still on our winter pasture of salt grass and Mix 30 before we go to our summer grass but i wanted to get an idea of how well others do on similar or completely different protocols
60-85% depending on the year. Usually 65-70%. General herd seems to breed up 2/3 first cycle, 2/3 of 1/3 second cycle, then the stragglers. I think sometimes they initially stick A.I. then lose the pregnancy around 30-40 days and become late breeders. Always something.
Those are good rates IMO. I hate running them through the chute that many times but it's also what I've found works best. That said, I'm going to use bulls more frequently again. The ai calves dont seem any better than my cover bulls and I don't have to pay for all the ai certificates. We will see how that goes …..
how many cows and heifers does she breed in a year. I use the same protocol on my herd of 30 cows and heifers. very seldom breed if no signs of heat unless at the end of breeding season. those conception rates are well above average. especially for someone that has only been AIing for 5 years. how did she learn to AI? seems like every year is different for me. last year I had 90%+ on conception but this year will be lower for sure for some reason. I will find out after preg checking.

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