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Sep 27, 2008
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NSW Australia
Hi all,
just wondering if there are any good wesbites that share information about AI ,heat cycles,breeding and all the rest of it.
I am doing an AI course in May and im interested in reading up on the subject first.
Also places that sell tanks and equipment would be fantastic.
Thanks in advance
You can start with ABS, Genex and Select Sires then go from their. Google "artificial insemination cattle" and you'll find more information then you can digest
if you are doing your class with a semen company they usually offer equipment deals but also check to see if they will service your tank on a regular basis. sometimes you end up with lots of money tied up in left over semen after a few years.
You can look up or for just services info
This is who I went to school with. I also bought all the supplies at school because they gave us a discount, if we were in the class, on all our supplies and a discount on a certain amount of semen if bought while at school.
I have a regular guy from Select Sires who comes to my ranch and fills my tank and deliveres semen and most breeding supplies. They are really good about helping you with any breeding ?'s or problems you have as well. Has information on AI'ing with a lot of the info from selectsires' school book. You have to pay to use this site but I use it for all my animal/livestock and it has payed for itself a hundred times over.
Best of luck.
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