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Mar 28, 2004
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Central Florida
Well it has been over a week since I placed Mabel with the rest of my herd at her previous owners reccomendation. She appears to have made a complete attitude adjustment. She no longer acts defensive around my wife or daughter. She will even eat from my hand now. I guess she sees how the rest of the herd acts around me and feels secure. It's nice to see her acting like Beefmasters should. I still keep my guard up around her, especially once her calf comes. Thanks again for all your suggestions. I'm glad I did not have to use a shovel...
most any gregarious animal will get ornery after a few days in solitary confinement. i bet mabel the beefmaster turns out to be one of the most gentle cows in your herd
Good example of a little information meaning a lot in a situation. In your original post you didn't specify that she was isolated from the other cows. That little bit of information may have changed the responses you received.
I'm not being critical, just trying to point out to others asking questions the importance of including all the possible information.
Unless deathly ill, we never separate out an individual cow. They alwasy have at least one other for company. If one has to be totally separated, they share a common fence with others so they can still interact.

Actually, I kept her with a heifer that was too young to breed. Although, she really did not care for her.
Could have been the being confined. Could be some affect of the the one that was with her. If she was upset, that just feeds the nervousness of the other. We have a lovely young cow that is gentle as a dog. When she gets into the trap she gets a little nervous. And that's with the others around her. When I have to run her into the catchpen and alleyway I always move a couple of others with her. As long as she has company she's a perfect lady. Run her off from the others and she gets goofy. Not agressive, just very excitable. Each one of these critters is totally different. You can never tell what will excite one while another in the same situation will just yawn and wonder what the excitment is all about. If/when you have to work the herd, keep an eye on her to see how well she adjusts to new situations.

Im glad for you...the peace in a herd... including the handlers..does mean so much... and im sure she is glad you did not give up

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