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The current aerials are finally getting to be more recent. The new digital ones are only from last year for this area. Before this they were from 1981. Your local NRCS FSA office can call up the latest maps and by outlining your fields and other areas it will calculate how many acres are in each. Hnady, handy

THe pics were from '95, but the drive way and house are still in the same spot but a lot of the fences and barns and such have changed.
Yes, they are very interesting. I have used them for a while, also. Just keep in mind that when posting these links, its easy for someone to convert over to the topo map and zero in on your location. :shock: Personally, I wouldn't be real comfortable with that. ;-)
Cherokee.. I'm a Realtor, so I use the site almost daily to print out topos of ranch properties for sale or ones I'm trying to list.

I don't care if anyone figures out where I live.. my 2400 lb bull is in the yard right now.. he generally scares everyone away from coming down to the house. Even the Jehovah Witnesses won't come to the door.
lol.. no, I sold him a few years back to a Hereford breeder in west Texas! I talk to him periodically.. (the rancher, not Pedro) and he said he sure has some good tigerstripes out of him!


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